NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT: in just a few days, spooks of all shapes and sizes are expected to roam and beg for candy. Do not be afraid!

It is safe to feed the bears, the Darth Vaders, all the princesses, the bright-eyed pumpkins, even the witches, goblins and ghosts.

Give them candy……OR….else!

A few years ago I felt very creative around Halloween and sewed costumes for my husband and me. I dressed as a black widow spider and he was a giant fly caught in my web (photos available upon request). We attended a raucous party at the country club, ate lots of food, and danced the night away. Truly a fun experience letting this shadow side of ourselves out to play.

But this Halloween is different. I have very little creative energy and suffer from writer’s block. All this starting and stopping, starting and stopping, with nothing near final draft.

I feel swallowed up by the media and the collective chaos that appear to be driven by the hubbub surrounding the upcoming presidential election. (Another one tonight!) The bullying comments on social media, the arguments for and against gun control, the arguments about the arguments — it’s already too much! I feel as if I’m on a never-ending carousel, lots of talk with few solutions.

I want to blame the puppeteer! But, I know who that is, so must recognize that even though true and graceful form seems impossible, it will return. I will write myself out of this mess, so please be patient as I untangle my strings!

Source: Photo by Ryan McGuire,