My son has been coaxing me to start a blog for many years. But, I have to be honest. I don’t like the word blog. It sits heavy in my mouth and leaves me feeling as if I’ve missed out on someone else’s inside joke.

I laugh now because I said I’d never write a blog, but here I am…..writing a blog!

I arrived at this place in my writing career because I decided to accept my son’s challenge. (He’s pushy that way!) Today, I accept his dare and take it as a compliment. My interpretation? He believes I have some bit of wisdom to impart, and I thank him for nudging me forward into the ethers of the modern world.

And, I thank my daughter for her careful attention to my mission, for her artistic eye in helping me envision and design this website. (The learning curve has been steep!).

Wise Tide is an online community, a place where you can visit and share your ideas, where together we might stimulate creativity, find renewal, and develop tools for building a better life.

Wise Tide is a name that came to me during morning meditation years ago. My skin tingled, and with that sensation I knew I was being asked to participate in a wave of healing that might extend around the globe and reach someone in need.

I strive to never define these needs as good/bad, better/worse, easy/difficult, etc. For me the greatest challenge is in recognizing and honoring them for what they are: life lessons, opportunities for growth and change, moments that push us to awaken, to be alive, to heal and engage in the world around us.

I don’t purport to know much. In fact, I’m more of a dilettante, a novice, curious and interested in many things. However, I do have a firm belief that, as humans inhabiting the same planet, we are responsible for our collective and our unique wellness—physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc., etc., etc.

I do believe that true and complete healing is possible. I do believe if we can find our way inside ourselves, we will discover this capacity to heal.

I’ve come full circle in my understanding about why things are the way they are in my singular life and in our collective world at large. They are this way because they are this way. This is where I am. This is where we are. Now. End of story. Or the beginning….

Sometimes this explanation seems trite, cliché, and too simple. Yet, experience reminds me that the simplest of truths are often the most difficult to understand, even more difficult to execute. And, many people have already figured this out. I follow in their wakes, hoping to keep the ripple effect alive and moving forward and outward, touching as many people as I can.

One iconic group has nailed it. In rustic harmony the Flatlanders cry out: “Right where, right where I belong. It feels so good I might be right where I belong.”

Photo by Jacqueline Jones, 2009, buy the card @  Stonehenge Designs Greeting Card